Keep your dog visible, safe and stylish at night with our glowies. The batteries last for 72 hours and can easily be replaced. You can typically find the batteries at any dollar store.


Ever outside after dark with your dog looking around every two seconds going "where did he/she go?!"

Literally all the time right? Like, I'm sitting there yelling my dogs name only to find out he's right beside me. Now he can roam around and I can see where he's at the entire time.

I call them glowies, also known as light up bandanas, aka "where the hell is my dog, oh there he is bandanas."


This Bandana is 28" Across the neckline. It fits large and small dogs, simply roll the bandana until you get the desired fit.  



Hand wash only.



Not recommended to be left on permanently.

Buffalo Plaid Glowie


-Double layered 
-Made to order
-Triangle tie-on shape
-Red and black plaid
-100% cotton

-Led lighting inside

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